Thursday, December 5, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3: Twig Letters

When I saw these twig ornaments I decided that I had to make some. It wasn't until after I'd tied the twigs together that I bothered to look at the instructions only to find out that those "twigs" were actually wire! Oh least I was working with easy letters.

I started by finding some twigs and tying them together. (Hot glue would be helpful at this point but mine stayed in place fine with just the string.)

Then I wrapped my twig letters with yarn. I used Patons multi-colored yarn ColorWul in "Bramble" that I found at Joann. I just tied and wrapped mine, but a little hot glue would help keep the yarn from slipping off the ends. Once my letters were wrapped, I used a yarn needle to attach a short piece of twine to the back of each letter for hanging.

I also made a yarn wrapped candy cane (this one used wire) with some yarn leftover from the Gopher scarf I made for Noah a few years ago. I wrapped the whole thing a couple times with maroon yarn and then followed up with a quick wrap of gold. I would have used red and white yarn if I had some, but I really like how the team colors candy cane turned out. I might need to make a navy, white, and orange one for our tree...

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