Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5: Dinosaurs!

Normally, dinosaurs wouldn't be my first choice for a Christmas decoration, but since our tree is more of a mismatched collection of happy memories than a gorgeous display of pretty baubles, I figured Abe's love of dinosaurs (and recent dinosaur birthday party) deserved to be remembered. 

I already had some white Sculpey clay left over from another project, and the silicone mold I used to make the dinosaur dig cake for Abe's 3rd birthday, so I just filled the head with clay, added a string, and baked it.

I also thought it would be fun to make some little ornaments (for his tiny tree) with the dinosaur molds we used to make recycled crayons, so I bought three packs of the Sculpey Bake Shop clay in red, yellow, and blue, and mixed the colors to make orange, green, and purple.

I carefully turned the clay out of the molds before baking so I could insert a little wire loop for hanging. Then I baked them at 275° F for about 20 minutes. Once they had cooled, I painted them with two coats of Sculpey Gloss Glaze to give them a shiny finish. 

Now we have one dinosaur ornament as a reminder of Abe's third birthday on our tree, and some colorful little dinosaurs for the kids' tiny tree - which Abe happily decorated and undecorated until we finally put up our real tree last night! 

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