Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7: Felt Berry Pie Ornament

It's not every year that I'm inspired to make a Halloween costume based on my child's nickname, but this year I couldn't resist turning our little Edie-pie into an actual "Edie Pie." She looked so cute and miserable and delicious...I'm sure she'll never let me dress her up ever again! 

At any rate, I made this little pie ornament to hang on our tree to remember her nickname (in case she ever outgrows it) and her first Halloween costume (which should fit her for at least three more years). It's a miniature version of her pie costume (without the arm and neck holes of course) made from the leftover scraps of felt.

My embroidery skills aren't the best, but I made sure to add a little note on the back for when Noah and I are old and can't remember which one of our kids we dressed up as dessert...

Just kidding. We'll never forget how scrumptious this little girl is!

Oh, and I made a pattern for this but my scanner isn't working so I can't get my sketches uploaded. Boo technology. I'll update this post with a link to the pattern once I've got it all worked out. I realize not everyone will want a mini pie to hang on their tree, but as you can see, these pies are good for more than just Christmas decor. Felt food...yum!

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  1. Michelle, a great cake! And most importantly - it is like your daughter! Have a good mood before Christmas! :))

  2. I would love to make a felt pit for my tree! Did you ever figure out how to post the pattern? I'm not sure I'm quite skilled enough to "wing it."

    1. I never did! Sorry.I'm not sure where I put it either, but here's a similar pattern from Martha Stewart ( - but don't enlarge the pattern if you're making a tree ornament). For the ruffled crust on mine, I cut a long, straight strip of fabric and loosely basted right down the middle. Then I pulled on the basting thread to gather the fabric and sewed it in place around the top edge. Hope that helps!