Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6: Lollipops and Candy Canes

I knew I'd have some clay left over from my dinosaur ornaments, so I decided to make a clay candy cane to add to my collection. 

It was pretty easy. I used one bar of red Sculpey clay (those small blocks each contain 4 bars) and one bar of white. I rolled each bar into a long strand and then laid the red and white strands next to each other and gently squeezed them together so they would stick. Then I held one end and started twisting from the other until I had one long, twisted rope. I put it on some parchment paper on a cookie sheet and shaped it into a candy cane, then I trimmed the ends so they were even and inserted a small loop of wire at the top. I baked it at 275° F for about 30 minutes along with the lollipops I made. 

I made the lollipops the same way but wound my twisted ropes into a circle instead of a candy cane shape. I cut a bamboo grilling skewer in half and carefully slid those a little more than halfway through the lollipops. I inserted a little wire loop at the top of those too.

Once they were cool, I painted them with the Sculpey Gloss Glaze and hung them up to dry. (The glaze will drip as it dries so make sure to put something underneath to catch the drips!) I was planning to add a little glitter to these but Abe wanted to play with them as soon as they were finished, so the glitter will have to wait.

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