Friday, January 31, 2014

Football Stamps

My team (the Denver Broncos) is going to the Super Bowl and I'm not planning a party. What is wrong with me!? Perhaps it's because it's harder to actually watch the game when your house is full of people...and I intend to watch this game! (So if you're looking for party ideas you can check out our Super Bowl party from a couple years ago.) The best I've got for today is a football themed art project for kids.

1. Use a white charcoal pencil or paint pen to draw field lines and numbers on a sheet of green construction paper. 

2. Fold an empty toilet paper roll in half and let it pop back up to make a football shape. 

3. Dip the end of the toilet paper roll in brown paint and stamp footballs on the field.

4. Hang it up as is, or fold it in half to use as a greeting card for your favorite football fan!

Have a great weekend, and if you're watching, enjoy the game!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Morning

The other day as I was undecorating our tree Abe told me "You're RUINING Christmas!" To be fair, I waited until well after Christmas to take down the tree.

He was so excited for Christmas this year. When we brought our tree home he couldn't wait to put the star on top. I think it was like the second thing up there after the lights and ribbon. 

We made a gingerbread house a few days before Christmas. Abe spent a short time decorating it and then watched me finish it off while he ate leftover frosting.

Once he put the peppermints in place he declared it "Done. Ta-da!"

On Christmas Eve, we went to mass with the rest of Noah's family, then had their traditional Christmas Eve dinner of sausages and various appetizers (I made these mini pork pies - they were just like my mom's only smaller). After dinner the kids opened a few presents from their cousins and spent some time tracking Santa before we headed home.

Staying out late the night before meant the kids slept in a bit the next morning (Edie's usually up with the sun), so this is what our tree looked like early Christmas morning. I was the first one up.

Apparently, Santa doesn't wrap presents around here, and he uses pre-owned vehicles...

...and dolls handmade by mom to make his gifts more appealing. Cheater. (At least he assembled the toys and disposed of the boxes for us!)

I love Abe's reaction to opening presents. Everything is always "just what I wanted!" even if he's never thought of or seen it before in his entire life.

Edie seemed happy with her new stroller, although she was much more interested in climbing Abe's parking garage than walking her doll. 

Here they are checking out their stocking stuffers. (The gum was not in Edie's stocking.)

Abe picked out some presents for us at the church fair he went to with his cousins and grandma a couple weeks before Christmas. I was sort of surprised that he didn't spill the beans right away, but the next morning he informed me (without my asking of course), "I got you a head bow! And I got daddy a alligator, and a book about whales for Edie-pie!" Upon opening his gifts on Christmas Eve, we discovered that he had gotten me a plastic headband (to control my "scary" and "crazy" hair no doubt), a Christmas tree pen for his dad, and a counting book with a whale on the cover for Edie. :-)

For the most part, Edie wasn't too interested in the presents under the tree until it was time to open them. Ever since we put up the tree though, she's been pulling ornaments off of it, which is why we only put soft and unbreakable ornaments on the lower branches. At least she didn't attempt to climb it!

Here's Abe unwrapping the trike he got from my parents. Apparently, counting down the days with our advent calendar made Abe quite eager for Christmas to arrive. My dad's birthday is the week before Christmas and when I mentioned to Abe "today is Papa's birthday" he was quick to ask "But what about Jesus' birthday?!"

We unwrapped most of the bigger presents at home and then packed up the rest and headed to Grandma's house to spend Christmas morning with the rest of Noah's family. 

Edie was so tired, but she wasn't going to let herself fall asleep and miss ANYTHING!

We got Abe the pirate ship, Bucky, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He first saw it at Target (long before he'd ever seen the cartoon) and if anyone (including Santa Claus) asked him what he wanted for Christmas he'd say "Yo Ho Let's Go's pirate ship." He came up with the name because the ship talks and when he'd press the button at Target it would say "Yo ho let's go!" or play the theme song from the show. He was super excited to unwrap it at Grandma's house on Christmas morning, and spent the rest of the morning playing with his pirate ship (even before we took it out of the box) and with the smaller one that his cousins sent to him. I guess pirates are his new favorite thing. He's even started calling me "Matey!"