Friday, January 31, 2014

Football Stamps

My team (the Denver Broncos) is going to the Super Bowl and I'm not planning a party. What is wrong with me!? Perhaps it's because it's harder to actually watch the game when your house is full of people...and I intend to watch this game! (So if you're looking for party ideas you can check out our Super Bowl party from a couple years ago.) The best I've got for today is a football themed art project for kids.

1. Use a white charcoal pencil or paint pen to draw field lines and numbers on a sheet of green construction paper. 

2. Fold an empty toilet paper roll in half and let it pop back up to make a football shape. 

3. Dip the end of the toilet paper roll in brown paint and stamp footballs on the field.

4. Hang it up as is, or fold it in half to use as a greeting card for your favorite football fan!

Have a great weekend, and if you're watching, enjoy the game!