Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Treasure Map/Pirate Valentines

I am totally on top of things these days. Can you tell? Abe's class party was on the Tuesday before Valentine's Day. I made these valentines and took these pictures before that party (let's say on Monday the 10th, although it might have been that Sunday which I thought was Monday until my husband got out of bed and didn't go to work that morning). It's been a long winter. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it's taken me a good two weeks after taking these pictures (and a week and a half after Valentine's Day) to actually post them. Honestly, I'm a little surprised it didn't take me longer. I mean, it's still February, right?

At any rate, Abe's been really into pirates lately, so for his class valentines we made treasure maps with pirate-y messages.

I actually drew a large map with pencil and painted it with watercolors, then shrunk it down so I could print 4 maps per page, and added text using Photoshop. While searching for the perfect pirate font, I realized I'd already downloaded a great one called Monsterfreak before Halloween. I love the skulls!

For his class, we rolled up the maps, sealed them with a sticker, and stuck them in little muslin bags with a few chocolate gold doubloons. (I found the bags in the wedding section at Michael's. They were kind of expensive - $5.99 for 12 I think - so be sure to use those 50% off coupons!) 

Abe helped me count out the doubloons and put them in the bags...while saving a few for himself of course. 

Edie loves the Mardi Gras beads that I pulled out for when they play pirates, so that would have been a good candy-free option. 

I also found some pirate themed temporary tattoos at Target that we gave to his cousins since we ate too many only had enough gold doubloons for his classmates. We also had a book of Jake and the Neverland Pirates stickers that Abe used to further decorate our maps. He mostly stuck the characters on the X or the pirate ship.

He signed the back of each one with an "A" which was fun to watch. For most of them he basically made an H and then drew a second line to attach the lines at the top. Sometimes he'd draw a straight line, other times it was scribbley. Reminded me of when I was little and all my Es looked like combs!

So those are our valentines this year. I'm posting this way too late for Valentine's Day, but maybe I'll post a downloadable version or something next year. Since it's pretty much done I could even post it early...maybe.


  1. Those are adorable! And, yeah, still February=on time for the post, as far as I'm concerned :). He may only have the A down so far, but he only has 2 more letters to go, and he'll be all set. That's why I gave all my kids short names (or nicknames at least) ;).....after growing up with an 8 letter name that starts with one of the hardest letters to write.....

    1. Haha! That's probably why my kids have nicknames too!

  2. What a clever and fun idea Michelle.

    Hugs diane