Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunny Bait & Easter Eggs

It's not often that I pin something one day and make it the next, but Edie and I had to make a Target run yesterday, and while we were there I picked up the ingredients to make this trail mix

Abe's been interested in cooking lately so I thought he might like to help. I should have known from past experience though, that when it comes to sweets, his only interest is in "quality control."

I basically followed Kellie's recipe except I didn't measure anything. Since I made enough for a crowd I used 2 bags of salted popcorn (I prefer the contrast of salty and sweet), 1 bag of Annie's Honey Bunnies, about half a bag of bunny marshmallows, 1 bag of peanut butter M&M speckled eggs, and the chocolate chips from a bag of Nestle Springtime Morsels. I separated out the pink and yellow morsels and melted those down to drizzle over the mixture in place of the white chocolate called for in the recipe. 

Also, I discovered this egg-dyeing technique on Pinterest and thought I'd share it. I thought it would be a good way to prevent Edie from completely smashing her eggs like Abe used to when he was little

It worked really well...until she dumped the entire mug of dye on her tray. When I took the tray off to pour the dye down the sink, she threw the whisk on the floor, successfully breaking her first egg! I guess some things are just meant to be...

Hope you all have a happy Easter!


  1. Love the pictures! You're very brave to let Edie dye eggs....I'm hoping we have one more year before my Abe will insist on doing more than watching. But we'll see!

    1. It's not so bad if you can do it outdoors!