Thursday, October 30, 2014

Batman, Butterfly & Green Ninja Costumes

My kids love to dress-up and it seems most of their "costumes" start with a favorite pair of pajamas. These are a few of their pajama costumes with a few added extras to make them trick-or-treat ready!

Lloyd the Green Ninja (from Ninjago)

Abe has been asking to be a ninja since he first saw Lego's Ninjago. It changes from day to day; some days he wants to be the blue ninja, some days the black one, but most days it's "the GREEN ninja!" 

The hood is just a ski mask that he can pull down when he doesn't need to conceal his identity. I had to make the face hole bigger on this mask so it would work that way though. 

I found the perfect plain green pajamas on Amazon. They're made by a company called VaeNait and are cozy cotton jammies that also come in gold, bluepink and purple. I totally want to make Edie a little purple ninja costume now! 

His "ninja" sword was a gift from his cousins and yes, that's how he carries it when he's not using it. 


This is Edie's actual Halloween outfit. I picked up the wings for their dress-up box one day at Target, and then realized I could throw on her butterfly pajamas (the purple shorts are under the skirt), a pair of tights, and the purple tutu from her grandma and she'd have a complete costume.

All I had to make was the sparkly antenna headband...and a trick-or-treat bag. It's a little bag/purse with a flower on the front. 

She loves her costume and asks to "fly" every time we put on her wings. Cutest thing ever!


Abe is going to be Batman (both for Halloween and "when he grows up"), but this costume is the before-I-bought-him-a-mask-and-made-him-a-utility-belt version. 

He likes to wear it outside when he's playing in his "Batcave"...

...and he likes to chase villains, so here's Edie dressed up as Catwoman. Rubber boots are an acceptable substitute for leather, right?

The cape is just a black piece of fabric I had laying around that I cut out (Abe insisted that I make the bottom pointy) and added the Batman symbol using iron-on transfer paper for dark fabrics. (Find a printable Batman symbol here.)

I made the felt mask for him awhile back and he likes it, but his dad insisted we get a real one for Halloween. It has since been replaced with this one from Amazon. 

Here's hoping Batman can keep Mr. Freeze away this Halloween!

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