Local Attractions

I only write formal "local attractions" posts about places in the Twin Cities, but scroll down to see some of our favorite places to visit in other cities we love.

Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN


New Orleans, LA

Phoenix, AZ



  1. Love it! I do the same thing with places I live. We are going to be living in the Twin Cities by next year. My husband's whole family is from there and I can't wait for us to be out of the Army and be Minnesotans for life. =)

    1. Yay! Welcome! It's a great place to live...even if the winters get a little long. ;-)

  2. Oh! This makes me miss living in Phoenix!!! The Desert Botanical Gardens is gorgeous and the White Tanks....sigh!!! We were pretty partial to trekking out at Lost Dutchman too.

  3. Oh! This makes me miss living in Phoenix! We love both of the places you mention, as well as too many others to mention!!! I love being close to my family in Ohio, but my heart is out there in that desert!!!